The upcoming elections will require applicants for the role of President and four board members. It is seen as an opportunity to bring in fresh perspectives and new energy while maintaining continuity. We are also seeking candidates for the role of auditor. All these vacancies will be elected at the 2023 annual meeting of the Delegates Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal in October.

The president is confirmed as not running for re-election. There is the potential for a Vice-President vacancy if the current post-holder stands and is elected to the role of President.

If elected, these two positions will also be available with elections taking place in Lisbon.

For more information on these role profiles and tenure, please take a look at the EAPM Regulations. Board Members are expected the attend 6-7 Board meetings per year, three of which are in-person/hybrid meetings hosted by a Member Association. If you want more information or an informal chat about the role, please contact the current President, Even Bolstad, or the EAPM secretariat team via the contact form.