On 21 February 2023, the EAPM Board had its first hybrid meeting of the year in Sofia, Bulgaria. As with many Associations, we have become adept at virtual Board meetings over the past few years. However in a profession that is focused on human connections, these face-to-face meetings are crucial in promoting collaboration. Having our first Board meeting of the year in-person also allowed us to welcome our newest Member, Darko Petrovski.

The EAPM Board have been focusing on its Working Groups which are the main drivers of our strategic objectives. Our secondary focus has been to strengthen our engagement with our 34 Member countries to ensure that we are supporting each and every one through these challenging times.

EAPM Board meeting sofia

The last time the EAPM Board had a meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria was in 2015. As a valued and active Member, it was a wonderful opportunity for the EAPM Board to meet and discuss topics with the BAPM Board and Leadership team. We also had an opportunity to learn more about the challenges facing HR Professionals within Bulgaria and the work that BAPM do to support their Members.

EAPM and BAPM Boards

Bringing together representatives from HR Associations in Bulgaria, UK, Norway, Cyprus, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Italy and Turkey made for some valuable and interesting discussions as well as opening up opportubities for cross-country collaborations in the future.

BAPM Bulgaria recently took part in our Member showcase series where you can find out more about them. The EAPM’s next hybrid meeting will be in June in Zagreb, Croatia followed by the EAPM annual meeting of the Delegates Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal in October.