Thank you to all of those who participated in HRCS Round 8. We are quickly jumping in to analyze the results and evaluating how HR competencies are changing and how those competencies drive business performance.

One of the areas of particular interest is what progress has been made in Diversity & Inclusion given the recent focus on speeding up progress in this area. Our initial data suggests that companies across the globe have taken a strong line on directly and unequivocally addressing discrimination and harassment. At the same time, the broader goal, and resultant business impact, of ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to succeed remains elusive.

Digging closer to home, HR managers appear to be better at fostering inclusion and explicitly valuing diversity than non-HR managers. Meanwhile, HR professionals are more critical than non-HR employees regarding how senior business leaders are communicating the business imperative for diversity and inclusion.

We hope that these, and other findings we will be releasing in the coming months, help HR professionals and business leaders gain a deeper understanding of what individual HR competencies drive business success and how HR practices impact the business’s ability to win in the marketplace. ​​