Invitation to participate in the next big Dave Ulrich survey

Do you want to join the world’s leading HR competency study and benchmark your individual and company HR Competencies? Do you want to increase your knowledge on which competencies that provides value to stakeholders? Join the Human Resources competency study now


The Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) is the world’s leading competency survey for HR and people professionals. It does not describe what HR and the people profession does or believes is important – it tells us what truly produces value.
and your national EAPM association offer members a unique opportunity to take part and get their own reports on HR and the people profession in their own business and as a professional HR practitioner.

Over the years, the findings from the HRCS have had a major impact on how companies have organised the HR function and how the profession has evolved. It is also probably one of the main reasons why Dave Ulrich has been named the world’s leading thinker within HR, again and again. The survey is global, but it also analyses regional differences.

Advantages when participating

Here are some of the advantages you get from taking part in the survey:

  • Own individual and company reports, benchmarked with new global reference data
  • Overall report. Here you can download a report from the last time the survey was conducted
  • Opportunity to attend digital feedback conferences. A country with more than 50 participating companies and the corona situation permits, we can arrange a feedback conference with RBL
  • Receive data that enables you to better impact the performance of your business
  • Free – no charge for participating companies with up to 50 participants

Listen to Dave Ulrich give further information about the survey here.


Register now!

The registration has opened. Data collection will take place shortly after the summer and the reports are expected to be completed around the turn of the year. Feedback conferences will take place during 2021.

If you are interested, we recommend you register now. Here you can find further information about the report and enroll yourself and your team.

When you sign up for the survey, you must enroll a coordinator who later distributes and appoints informants within the company. To get an organisational report, you need to get at least five responses from the business in total, but the more answers, the better the report will be. The minimum requirement for obtaining a 360-degree evaluation is four informants, consisting of superior, side-order and subordinate colleagues.

Partners and member benefits

The University of Michigan and the RBL group are behind the investigation and are working closely with partners covering each region.

We are happy to give you the opportunity to join HRCS. The survey is one of the best of its kind in the world.