ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Anthony Ariganello of Canada was elected president of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), the global representative body for HR management. He will serve a two-year term.

Ariganello, the president and CEO of the Chartered Professionals of Human Resources (CPHR) of British Columbia and the Yukon and CPHR Canada, was elected during the WFPMA’s recent annual meeting in Amsterdam.

“The WFPMA plays a vital role ensuring the relevance, reputation and value of the HR profession around the globe, and I am honored to serve in this capacity,” said Ariganello. “Businesses are bracing for rough seas ahead. I will work with our talented members to see that HR professionals are equipped to navigate those waters and help their organizations succeed.”

Areff Salauroo of Mauritius was elected to serve as vice president of the WFPMA for a two-year term.

Remaining as an Executive Officer is Emily M. Dickens of the United States as the Secretary-General,  Lucas van Wees of the Netherlands as the Treasurer, and William (Bob) Morton of the UK as the Immediate Past President.

The following representatives were named to the WFPMA board and General Assembly:

  • Rajroshan (Raj) Seeparsad of South Africa and Zakaria Rbil of Morocco, members of the African Human Resources Confederation.
  • Dhammika Fernando of Sri Lanka and David Li of Hong Kong, members of the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management.
  • Even Bolstad of Norway and Berna Oztinaz of Turkey, members of the European Association for People Management.
  • Lisellote Ortega of Panama and Aida Josefina Troncoso of the Dominican Republic, members of the Interamerican Federation of Human Resource Management.
  • Johnny C. Taylor Jr. of the U.S. and Jorge Jauregui Morales of Mexico, members of the North American Human Resource Management Association.

Founded in 1976, the WFPMA represents more than 660,000 professionals in over 90 national personnel associations around the world.

WFPMA board meeting
From left to right: William (Bob) Morton (UK); Anthony Ariganello (Canada); Lucas van Wees (Netherlands); Leyla Nascimento (Brazil); Dhammika Fernando (Sri Lanka); Rajroshan (Raj) Seeparsad (South Africa); Rebecca Normand (EAPM Secretariat); Celine Forget (CPHR Secretariat); Areff Salauroo AHRC (Mauritius); Even Bolstad (Norway); Berna Oztinaz (Turkey); Jorge Jauregui Morales (Mexico); Emily M. Dickens (USA); Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., (USA); and Aida Josefina Troncoso (Dominican Republic)