We’re delighted to announce that NOCA have joined the EAPM. Established in 2002, NOCA is an independent non-profit association, and its members include large Danish companies and universities. Based out of Copenhagen, NOCA’s purpose is to develop the HR-field by creating and maintaining a strong link between the research and practice, academia, and organisations (both private and public).

NOCA is a place for curious and ambitious HR professionals to come together to share thoughts, reflections, and knowledge. Therefore, NOCA has a strong focus on the newest research within the HR field from leading universities and speakers.

In NOCA are on a mission to continuously develop the field of HR and bring the newest research and trends to our members from both a national and an international perspective. Therefore, we are very excited to continue this mission even further together with the members of EAPM and for what this collaboration will bring to our members”. Comments Head of NOCA, Ulrik Brix

The EAPM now has 35 members from across Europe: 32 full members and 3 corresponding members (Armenia, Israel, and Ukraine). Find out more about EAPM members including NOCA here.

As a chair of the membership committee, I am delighted to welcome NOCA to the EAPM family! EAPM is for sharing knowledge and experience and every new member brings in new ideas and different perspectives.

The purpose of NOCA is to build bridges between research and practice within HR, and we look forward to gaining a further insight on the best practices of NOCA.

The benefits of the EAPM membership are clear: EAPM offers a unique professional network across Europe and significant partnerships and projects beyond national boundaries.Marita Salo Chair of the membership committee, Vice President of EAPM