“It is a great privilege for the Malta Foundation for Human Resource Development (FHRD) to form part of EAPM again. As FHRD, our main aim is the furtherance and promotion of the development of human resources in Malta and beyond. Through the sharing of ideas and the thought leadership within the EAPM we are sure we can provide our numerous members with adequate and directed training continuously to enable them to meet the challenges the future of work brings in a changing and increasingly competitive international environment,” said FHRD President Matthew Naudi.

The Malta Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) was set up in 1990 to spearhead the evolution of people management and development practices as well as the human resources profession in Malta. FHRD works in partnership with its corporate members, the professional conglomerate of HR practitioners and service providers, leaders of the industry, and other key local players in the field of human resources management and development.

FHRD Malta has five main branches, namely:

Association of HR Practitioners: Corporate membership with FHRD encompasses an attractive set of benefits and is the top choice for professional organisations seeking to keep in touch with the Foundation’s numerous happenings and offerings.

Continuous Professional Development Programmes: Throughout the year, FHRD offers its own set of professional training programmes. All these programmes are accredited as Level 5 Awards by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).

Academic Programmes: FHRD is an authorised promoter for the University of Leicester which offers a set of academic programmes in various fields.

HR Quality Mark: The HR Quality Mark is a standard, developed by FHRD, that recognises organisations for their effective HR practices. The HR Quality Mark aims to recognise organisations that place HR at the centre of their business through the implementation of various policies and strategies.

Networking and Events: FHRD organises a variety of events and seminars throughout the year. The largest event organised by the Foundation is the Annual HR Conference and Expo. This event has been a staple over the years attracting HR professionals and business leaders from all industries in Malta to network, listen to, and discuss all things related to HR, Training, and Business Management.

Even Bolstad, EAPM President welcomes the return of FHRD into EAPM Membership. He says ‘we are so happy to have Malta as a part of the European HR community. EAPM is very much based on sharing and connecting. With Malta as a member, the rest of us will get insights from FHRD and Maltese HR practices, and vise-versa. Malta will be connected with 34 other countries, their practices, their members and get access to webinars and surveys conducted by the EAPM. Via EAPM, they will also be linked up globally through the global HR association WFPMA, to all other global regions.’

‘More and more has been done digitally over the last years. This has increased interaction quite substantially, has linked us even stronger together and also built a platform for stronger 1-1 relations. For all practical purposes, the FHRD can make direct contact with any other national associations, but also support their members in doing so’, said Even Bolstad.