Thursday 17/07/2014


United cases

C-22/13 Mascolo

C-418/13 Napolitano m.fl.

C-61/13 Forni

C-62/13 Racca

C-63/13 Russo

Social policy

Request for a preliminary ruling – Tribunale di Napoli – Interpretation of Clauses 4 and 5 of the framework agreement annexed to Council Directive 1999/70/EC of 28 June 1999 concerning the framework agreement on fixed term work concluded by ETUC, UNICE and CEEP (OJ 1999 L 175, p. 43) – Concepts of ‘employment conditions’ and ‘specific sectors and/or categories of workers’ – Interpretation of Article 2(1) and (2)(e) and of Article 8(1) of Council Directive 91/533/EEC of 14 October 1991 on an employer’s obligation to inform employees of the conditions applicable to the contract or employment relationship (OJ 1991 L 288, p. 32) – National legislation covering the schools sector which does not, in the event of abuse, provide for the conversion of a fixed-term contract of employment into a permanent contract of employment, and which provides for compensation which is lower than that granted in the event of an unlawful termination of a permanent contract of employment – Legislation with retroactive effect having negative consequences for the workers concerned – Principle of sincere cooperation

Advocate General: Szpunar



Thursday 17/07/2014


C-354/13 Kaltoft

Principles, objectives and tasks of the Treaties

Equal treatment in employment and occupation — Discrimination on grounds of disability — Whether EU fundamental rights law includes a general prohibition of discrimination in the labour market covering discrimination on grounds of obesity — Scope of application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights — Whether obesity can amount to a ‘disability’ under Article 1 of Directive 2000/78

Advocate General: Jääskinen




Wednesday 03/09/2014



Social policy


Reference for a preliminary ruling – Directive 79/7/EEC — Equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security — Accident insurance for workers — Amount of a lump-sum compensation for permanent incapacity — Actuarial calculation based on average life expectancy by sex of the recipient of that compensation — Sufficiently serious infringement of EU law

Advocate General : Kokott