The June EAPM Board meeting took place in Reykjavik on 17 and 18 June and was a hybrid meeting with some joining remotely. This week was the summer solstice and we could experience the long days of the Nordic countries as the sun does not set.

Risk Management Workshop

On Monday, we debated on risk management. The EAPM has been around since 1962, but that does not mean that we should take our existence for granted. One of the key missions of a board is to detect, assess and manage the risks that the association is facing in terms of strategy, finances, operations, people and technology. So, we discussed how we would do that, balancing the need for efficiency (= keep it as light as possible) and the need for mitigating risks. We defined a purpose and process and started mapping the risks. We will present the result at the delegates assembly annual meeting in Cyprus.

Board Meeting

On Tuesday we started the regular board work.

  1. We reviewed the financial statements for 2023 and did the regular follow-up of the financial situation for 2024. The delegates assembly will be asked to approve the 2023 report in October and approve the budget statements. We will also discuss the audit report then.
  2. We finalized our strategy document which will guide our efforts in the year to come. We already had a sneak preview during a briefing and will present the final approach during the general assembly.
  3. We reviewed the progress of the Working Groups on “European Union”, “Events” and “Communication” and could debate with Gautier Billot (EU), Havard Berntzen (Events) and Kai Saard (Communications) on the progress they have made.

We also reviewed the progress of the other working groups

  1. We have merged the Affiliate membership and the Alternative income streams working groups to form a new Partnerships working group
  2. We discussed the Finance Governance working group and will also define the risk appetite profile of the association. This is also linked to the risk management approach.
  3. The Surveys and Insights working group has launched the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” Survey that runs until 5 July.
  4. We had a discussion regarding the waiting list of member candidates for the EAPM, with a presentation from two prospective new members.
  5. We received 5 applications for the delegates assembly annual meeting in 2025: North-Macedonia, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania and Slovenia. After a debate, all 5 were deemed fit and the delegates will be able to vote for one of these destinations. The board members of North-Macedonia, Belgium and Lithuania were not involved in this discussion.

Debate on Inclusion

We also organized a discussion on Inclusion together. Solveiga Grudiene, David Ducheyne Rebecca Normand and Asdis Eir Simonardotir, the former president of Mannauður. We will share the recording when its ready.

Conclusion and Thanks

The board meeting has been successful, and we are proud to say that the association has become more active and is growing! As we are a volunteering association, we appreciate all the efforts that everybody puts into the EAPM, an association that is aimed at being an exclusive network for HR throughout Europe.

This board meeting was possible thanks to the invitation by our member from Iceland, Mannauður. We could meet some of the board members and got a small glimpse of the beautiful scenery in Iceland. A special thanks goes to Sigrun who was the perfect host and who invested a lot of energy and time in welcoming us and organizing the board meeting. We even had a coincidental meeting with her grand-children and saw what a wonderful grandmother she is.

Thank you Sigrun and Mannauður.