BCG/EAPM report ‘Creating People Advantage 2013: Lifting HR practices to the next level’

This new report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the EAPM is published today.

The report looks at 10 HR topics in terms of their importance, companies’ capabilities, the effort invested, and the perceived value added for the business, and identifies root causes of success for each topic.
For leaders that sometimes struggle to convert people management aspirations into clear actions, the results provide a quantitatively derived playbook for how to move forward. Through an empirical in-depth analysis, we identified specific practices that can lift companies’ people management to the next level.
This is the seventh report in the annual series and includes responses from 2,304 executives in 34 European countries.

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Greek HRM: Building the Critical Competencies

This article discusses results of the 2012 global Human Resources Competency Study (HRCS), led by The RBL Group and the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Over the past 25 years, this on-going research project has provided the most global, comprehensive, and empirical identification of the competencies expected of HR professionals, and the impact of these competencies on both individual HR professional effectiveness and business performance. HRCS findings have influenced thousands of HR departments, from global giants to smaller organisations in every continent. This article points out a number of the key findings of the research and identifies implications of the study findings for HR talent planning, assessment, and development.