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Book review – ‘Breakout: Guided from Within’ by Dr. Gyorgy Sarvari

This book is one of my favourites on my shelf to help me to solve the problems around me. How? Read the book and you get the answer.

In Breakout: Guided from Within, Hungary’s leading management and organizational development coach, Dr. Gyorgy Sarvari, shares the ways we can shake off the patterns that may have determined our lives, but no longer represent our true selves, opening up a new world where we can realize our true potential, feel real freedom and learn to simply trust in our inner wisdom and the flow of life. In this, Dr. Sarvari’s third book, he shares stories of the difficult but rewarding path to personal transformation that he has helped people find and follow in over two decades of coaching. Dr. Sarvari has presented at TEDx and at numerous other events in Europe, Russia and around the world.

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