Sustainability has become one of the most fundamental challenges for business and society in the coming years, considered the key for survival and longevity of organizations and planet.

The topic is really urgent and relevant; indeed sustainability, intended as the balance among economic, social and environmental performance of the firm, is becoming a key factor for the success of organizations, and for this reason an essential part of corporate business activities.

Among others, the HR Department plays a crucial role in orienting a company towards the sustainability managerial paradigm, and this is largely recognized as a growing topic on which HR managers and professionals will be extensively called to deal with.

For this reason, the department of Social and Political Sciences of University of Milan in collaboration with AIDP and EAPM, has performed research with the aim to explore the impact of sustainability orientation of the company on HR role and practices.

HR professionals and managers were invited to fill an online survey sponsored by some European HR professionals associations.

The data collection phase started on 20 November 2013 and was closed on April 2014.

Given the importance of the topic, the research is also comparable with previous survey conducted by leading associations of HR professionals, in particular: American SHRM (“Advancing sustainability: HR’s role”, 2011) and CIPD (“The role of HR in corporate responsibility”, 2013).


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Exploring the impact of corporate sustainability on HR role and practices – Research report January 2015