The current situation is a devastating turmoil for many families, staff and businesses in Ukraine and for those with close links also. The EAPM has been monitoring and sharing the HR for Ukraine #HRForUkraine effort and are in regular contact with their members in Europe. We are supporting our Member HR Associations with good HR practices during such difficult times.

We are aware that many European HR Associations have Members with staff who have been directly affected and need immediate support from their managers and HR teams. The conflict in Ukraine is uncharted territory for many associations, who do not have HR practices in place for such situations, where many organisations are not sure how to best provide support to the staff and families affected.

HR is the backbone of many organisations, particularly those who put people first. And so it is imperative for us to collectively share resources and best practices being put together by our EAPM members, as well as HR professionals around Europe. These resources provide support and guidance to the HR community, whether being directly or indirectly affected by the Ukrainian invasion.

Below you will find links to resources, posts and information, which is being regularly updated. You can also read EAPM President Even Bolstad’s statement on the Ukraine crisis as well as his recent speech at a conference.