The EAPM board meeting in Venice took place on 22 April 2022, and was hosted by AIDP and the University Ca’ Foscari. It was the second Board meeting of the year and the first physical meeting with our larger Board. The majority of the EAPM board were able to travel to Italy in person for the board meeting. We learned quite quickly during lockdown, the importance of togetherness to build relationships to achieve success. The power of human connection certainly worked its magic and we had a productive meeting to push forward our plans for 2022 and beyond.

EAPM board meeting venice
EAPM board meeting venice

EAPM Board member and AIDP Vice-President Raffaele Credidio welcomed us to Italy with some warm words by the AIDP President Matilde Marandola:

Nowadays, after the Emergency related to the COVID-19, the world of the work has changed, we are living ‘’a new normal’’ where the priorities, the importance given to the work-life balanced is strategic.

We have to use soft skills, such as empathy and active listening. We also have to change the way we construct our leadership to take care of the place where we live through the CSR. Our goal is to identify and implement these skills.

Our Association takes care of themes of Diversity and Inclusion. In February, before the outbreak of war, we signed a Memorandum with UNHCR for ‘’Welcome. Working for Refugees Integration’’ a project that promotes social inclusion of refugees in Italy through employment opportunities also through mentorship active possible forms of engagement of employees. Themes that in the context of war that we are experiencing are even more important.

The person is put at the centre of our work more than ever, the organisations have to follow this direction and we have to facilitate and support the development of individuals, companies, societies and so on. We have to give trust, responsibilities.

The world now is without barriers, we can communicate with people all around the world by using a link. Now we can play an important role, supporting the HR Directors and Managers, sharing common ideas and projects, organizing events, studies regarding the future of HR and the people’ growth.

I am very proud to be here to represent AIDP because it’s an Association in which passion, motivation, engagement, construction and creation of HR culture are values that unite every member.

EAPM board meeting
EAPM board meeting

As well as discussing regular governance and treasury items on the agenda, the EAPM board also discussed items relating to our strategy and working groups. As an organisation formed of volunteers, our working groups are key to achieving our strategic objectives successfully.

Our next Board meeting will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in June. We are very much looking forward to meeting our newest Member NOCA, who will be hosting us.