20 May 2022 marks the 4th annual International HR Day (IHRD), an initiative led by the European Association for People Management (EAPM), to recognise and celebrate the significant contributions of HR and the people profession around the globe. It is an opportunity to engage and network with HR professionals, all while sharing experiences, best practice and knowledge.

The ongoing impact of the pandemic on many organisations and staff is clearly noticeable. Now more than ever, people are looking to HR professionals and People Managers for guidance on how to continuously adapt to the ever-changing working environments, while helping to shape the workplace to ensure individual and organisational needs are met. While some organisations have embraced the hybrid working environment, others have stayed virtual or transitioned back into working from the office. As such, HR Shaping the Future is a theme carried over from International HR Day 2021, as its relevance is still abundantly clear.

Even Bolstad, President of the EAPM and Managing Director of HR Norge, said: “Covid was a disaster, but something good comes out of everything. New working patterns stick, both when it comes to hybrid work, travel patterns and – last but not least – empowerment and trust in leadership. HR has played a pivotal role in, during and out of Covid. Now HR is a part of shaping the new future. Let us reinforce those changes, to the benefit of companies, individuals and society as a whole.

Never we have had bigger impact and never have we been met with higher expectations, what a great platform for doing good and delivering value to all stakeholders. I would like to encourage and welcome everyone to join us on the 20 May for the EAPM webinar, with our esteemed keynote speaker Paolo Gallo.”

Mary Connaughton, Fellow CIPD, is the Director of CIPD Ireland and leads the International HR Day working group for the EAPM. She said: “While we still face many challenges, we have to recognise how the HR profession has shown leadership to business. International HR Day (IHRD) is a time to share how we are shaping new ways of working, and embedding a culture that benefits employees, businesses and society.”

For more information on the EAPM webinar, please visit https://eapm.org/ihrd/


Alongside virtual events to mark the occasion this year, participants will be using #InternationalHRDay and #HRShapingTheNewFuture across social media platforms to share their experiences.

For more information on International HR Day, events planned, or how you can get involved, please visit the EAPM website at www.eapm.org