Having bid 2021 goodbye, we are feeling incredibly excited and hopeful for a successful 2022. We are looking forward to embracing the ‘new normal,’ enjoying the hybrid work environment that most organisations have successfully adopted. Gradually, we will be given the opportunity to reclaim some of the past personal interactions we all so dearly miss.

To great success, the 2021 Delegates Assembly was held virtually in December. We came away with renewed energy to implement the strategic plans for the year ahead. But this time we are set to take on new challenges alongside our newly elected EAPM Board members. The Delegates Assembly unanimously passed some positive changes to governance of the EAPM. These changes allow for a larger Board size and composition, changes to the Board tenure, as well as inclusion of the Secretariat in a semi-permanent (non-voting) role on the Board.

Even Bolstad, current President, and Marita Salo, Vice President, will both be continuing their respective roles on the EAPM Board, and are looking forward to working alongside the newly elected and re-elected members.

We said goodbye and thanked Gregor Rajsp for his time on the EAPM Board, and welcomed back for a second term as Treasurer, Massimo Carluccio. Massimo currently holds the roles as Head of HR & Administration of ATOMYZE AG, an international company in the Financing sector within the Blockchain technology. We also welcomed back Berna Öztınaz for a second term, who will also be joining the WFPMA Board. Berna is the International Affairs and Congress Representative at Peryön which is the biggest non-profit organization in Human Resources in Turkey. Berna currently holds the CHRO position at Genel Energy, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We welcome our current and four new board members:

David Ducheyne is one of the newly elected Board members, and is founding president of hrpro.be, the Belgian Association of HR Professionals.

Elli Matsouka, newly elected Board member, representing the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association. Elli is an Organisational Culture Consultant, Corporate Wellbeing Expert and Executive Coach, as well as is an Organisational Culture Consultant, Corporate Wellbeing Expert and Executive Coach.

Raffaele Credidio is a previous EAPM board member as well as National Vice-President of AIDP, Italy, and has again been elected to stand as a Board member. Raffaele is also the EMEA HR Operations Director at Micron Technology.

And finally, Solveiga Grudiene who is a newly elected member of the EAPM Board. She is a long-term Board member of Lithuanian HR Association PVPA, as well as an Associate professor of partnership of Vilnius University, and experienced Management and Educational Leadership consultant.

Should you wish to read a more detailed biography on each board member, pleasevisit: EAPM Board

Lastly, would also like to congratulate Ulrik Brix, Managing Director for NOCA, the Denmark association, who was appointed as Auditor.

We are truly eager to kick off the new year with such a motivated Board who are determined to add value and help achieve the strategic goals we have outlined. We look forward to a successful 2022, and hope that as many of our members as possible will join our working groups and help us go from strength to strength, helping to develop and shape the HR profession across Europe.