NOCA, short for Network of Corporate Academies recently joined the EAPM and has a vision to bridge the gap between research and practice within the field of HR. Our association was established in 2002 targeting Danish HR professionals and Executives. We are a non-political, non-for-profit organisation – owned and run by members – for our members.

NOCA is an inclusive association based on knowledge-sharing and networking within HR-related topics. What binds NOCA together is the desire for a learning environment, where sharing knowledge and experiences as well as insight into the latest HR research creates curiosity and shared learnings for the benefit of the company’s competitive power.

NOCA organises conferences, international field trips, and professional network meetings with different HR- related themes in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and online, which keeps our members updated on HR- research and best practice both nationally and internationally. The activities provide our members with the opportunity of establishing personal relations and professional cooperation concerning business challenges in an HR perspective. We aim to give value to both the individual and organisation this way.

NOCA’s interests range from business development, strategic competence development, organisational design, talent development, management development, employer branding, global HR, social media, etc. It is the members who set the agenda and the topics change when new needs arise.

NOCA’s activities are characterized by the “quid pro quo”-principle. In practice, it means that all members must be prepared to contribute positively by sharing knowledge and experiences from their daily work. This structure creates a (confidential) knowledge-sharing environment between our member organizations.

NOCA members – primarily Danish – are characterized by:

  • Large public and private companies and organizations
  • Universities and other educational institutions

What these organisations have in common is their complexity and ambitious HR and People agenda. You can see a list of our members on the NOCA website.

Awards or achievements

NOCA has contributed to establishing ‘The HR-Researcher Award’ together with collaborating partners. We look forward to presenting the first winners of the award in 2022.

Upcoming events

  • A facilitated learning expedition to Academy of Management 2022 in Seattle.
  • The HR-conference ‘CRANET’ – a conference for HR-researchers where The HR-Researcher Award is found and presented.