Each year we invite Delegates from the 35 European HR Associatons that form EAPM membership together for a hybrid Annual Meeting. This year, we were hosted in Lisbon by APG Portugal as part of their HR Week.

The week started on Tuesday 17 October with the EAPM Board meeting the APG Board over dinner. It was the first opportunity to meet our Lisbon hosts face-to-face and strengthen the connections. The following day, we were hosted by PWC Portugal for an EAPM Board meeting. We hold three in-person Board meetings each year and we certainly appreciate the value of meeting face-to-face. In the afternoon, we met with our EAPM Delegates for a boat trip to Belem and the MAAT museum for dinner.

On Thursday 19 November, we held the Annual Meeting of the EAPM Delegates Assembly where 35 European National HR Associations were represented. The Annual meeting is a formal necessity as the Delegates Assembly is the EAPM’s supreme body and therefore we are governed by the decisions made at the annual meeting. We also strive to improve engagement and strengthen connections through interactive activities for both online and in-person attendees.

One of the key votes that took place was for the new President of the EAPM from January 2024. We are delighted to announce that Berna Oztinaz from PERYÖN Turkey will be the EAPM’s first female President. Berna has been a Board member of the EAPM since 2020 and current Vice-President. In 2022, Berna became the first female delegate from Europe to sit on the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) board representing EAPM. Berna is also CHRO at Genel Energy PLC

Other exciting announcements include the election and re-election and so from 2024, our Board will be:

🔹 President: Berna Oztinaz Turkey
🔹 Vice-President: David Ducheyne Belgium
🔹 Treasurer: Massimo Carluccio Switzerland
🔹 Elli Matsouka Cyprus
🔹 Raffaele Credidio Italy
🔹Solveiga Grudienė Lithuania
🔹Ulrik Schultz Brix Denmark
🔹Darko Petrovski North Macedonia
🔹Auditor Marita Salo Finland

Thank you also to current EAPM President Even Bolstad for shaping the EAPM into what it is today along with the Secretariat team.

Following the Annual Meeting, was an EAPM Delegate dinner hosted by the EAPM where everyone had the opportunity to further discussions and increase their network.

On Friday 20 October, APG held their international conference where Even Bolstad, Berna Oztinaz, David Ducheyne and Solveiga Grudiene from the EAPM Board were invited to speak. You can read more about their session here. Later that evening, the World Federation of People Management WFPMA held their Board dinner and awarded Fons Trompenaars with the George Petitpas award. Fons was nominated by the EAPM Board and Berna and Even were delighted to meet him in-person in Lisbon.

Fons Trompenaars